5 Ingenious Ways to Check Email Addresses

Dec 21 2016


Stop checking email addresses the old-fashioned way. A simple syntax format check, just don’t cut it any more. You need a deeper level of validation on your web form. The amount of invalid data is growing rapidly as more website visitors use smart phones, and make typos. You need to detect and correct bad data before it gets into your marketing funnel. Here are 5 ingenious ways to check email addresses.

1. Check email addresses on your website.
As soon as the user comes on to your website, how will you know if they are providing you with valid contact data? You need to be able to check email addresses in real time to make a decision to accept the lead or reject it. When you have Xverify implemented in real time results come back in milliseconds. Implement our Javascript or API across all of your landing pages to make the most out of your email verification needs.

2. Check your database of email addresses.
It is highly recommended that you check email addresses that you have sitting in your database. Good email addresses go bad, and should be verified on a quarterly basis to help you remove malicious accounts that can do damage to your campaign. Simply take your list and upload it for our batch processing. We will check email addresses and then report back to you which ones are good, bad, unknown, or problematic.

3. Check email addresses you capture at point of sale.
Many retail shops and restaurants attempt to collect your email address. Maybe it is at the cash register or maybe they ask you to fill out a survey card. If you are collecting email addresses at point of sale you should be validating that information. It’s possible you misheard a letter in the email address or read the survey card wrong. We recommend that you check the data before uploading it into your email platform.

4. Check email addresses one by one.
Sometimes you might have the occasional need to do a one-off verification here and there. You can certainly do that, from inside your XVerify dashboard you have access to a sample page. You can log into that sample page which can be found in the “Implementation” tab in your account, and do some testing directly from there.

5. Check email addresses you collect from tradeshows/conferences.
When out at shows and conferences it is common to hear the response of “I’m out of business cards.” So this leaves you having to write down their contact data the old-school way with pen and paper. Again, this can lead to many potential problems with the data collection process. It is often that the letter B sounds like the letter D or the letter M sounds like the letter N, and you could completely write the data down incorrectly. We recommend anytime you collect data you confirm it with the person whom provided the information. Then we also recommend you run this list through our batch processing to help you eliminate email addresses that would create some problems for your business.

Email Marketing Issues if you don’t Check Email Addresses

If you don’t validate the email addresses that you collect you could run into big problems with your email service platform. If you get too many hard bounces or complaints they will quickly shut down your account with them. This is because each hard bounce or each spam complaint you get hurts their sender reputation. Depending on the type of set up you have with your mailing platform the damage to the reputation might also impact other clients.

Put email verification on all of your landing pages, always validate any new data you acquire through outside sources, and clean your database quarterly. It is your responsibility as a marketer to follow data hygiene best practices. Put your data to the test with us at XVerify. We would be more than happy to go and check email addresses on your list as part of our free list assessment. Simply fill in the form below with your contact information and we will get back with you to start the analysis.

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