5 Problems You Can’t Ignore When It Comes To Email Address Validation

Dec 15 2016


1. Skipping Email Verification: If you are not currently putting any type of email address validation in place on your landing pages, you have a problem. You are letting poor quality data sneak into your database. Bad data will do damage immediately or over time. Email address validation is a process in which the email address can first be checked for accuracy and authenticity before entering your marketing funnel.

2. Using Syntax Validation Only: Syntax validation is a good start to help you weed out malformed email addresses. However, it will not stop more problematic data. You need to use real time email address validation to identify which email accounts are good versus which ones are bad.

3. Validating Via Database: You have to be careful when it comes to selecting which email verification vendor you will use. There are many providers out there who are cost effective because they only validate against a list of known hard bounces. Many of the email addresses they have on their list, you will not have on yours. This means there will be a lot of emails that pass through as valid, but will later result in hard bounces when you go to deliver your message.

4. Not Eliminating Risky Addresses: Just because an email address is a registered account, does not mean it is safe for you to send email to. Other solutions in the market place do not always check for high risk, disposable, or complainer email accounts. Xverify is a preferred email address validation solution which checks to make sure email accounts are valid plus flags risky email accounts so that you can remove them from your list.

5. Not Doing Quarterly Cleanings: It is important for you to do email address validation across your entire database on a quarterly basis. This is because over time good email addresses go bad. Sometimes users abandon their account, leave a job, or close down their account. When you run your database through the email verification tools you can know which ones to eliminate from your list. Keep in mind there are also cases where email accounts that were once good may now have become complainers, or high risk email accounts that could potentially damage your reputation.

How can you get started with email address validation?

Fill in the contact form below, and we will get you started with a free list assessment. In this process we will perform email address validation on a sample of your list to help you identify what percent of your list is good quality and what is not. The output file that we return back to you is the same type of results when you start using XVerify.

We provide a multi-step process to make sure you collect the most accurate email address the first time. Our validation process will help you detect and correct typos of major domain name misspellings such as Yahooo to Yahoo or Gail to Gmail. We also boast a 98% accuracy rate on our results as each email verification we do is a unique check at the server. This means that the username of the email address must be a real registered account on that domain.

Once you decide to implement email address validation in real time on your own landing pages, the results come back in milliseconds. You can make an instant decision on accepting or rejecting the lead. This way you are safe from common problems such as a bot forcing fictitious email addresses into your marketing funnel, then having a big issue with hard bounces later.


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