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10 Benefits Of Verification

10 Benefits Of Verification • Only mail to real email accounts. • Increase your IP reputation. • Make sure your customers give a real shipping address. • Stop dialing disconnected phone numbers. • Keep the garbage out of your database. • Know if it is a cell phone or a landline. • Block spam bots from your site. • Specify which countries you want to allow on your site. • Protect yourself from fraud. • …

November 28, 2011
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The better the reputation your mailing IP has the more opportunities you score of landing in the inbox. If your reputation is low, email service providers such as AOL, HOTMAIL, Yahoo, and Gmail will automatically label you as spam or junk even if your users may have opted in for your mailings.   So how exactly is reputation measured?   Spam Complaints – Each time a user marks your mail as ‘spam’ this count increases …

November 02, 2011
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