Monthly Archives: January 2013

Tips to make sure your emails get read!

After you have already cleaned your list through XVerify, and are ready to get down to business with sending out your E-mail campaign remember these important steps to email delivery success. 1. Sometimes a BOLD subject line is required. Many busy individuals only have a few moments to skim and scan through their inbox, and are likely to delete or skip over the ones that are not of their interest. Be bold and grab your …

January 28, 2013
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Concerned about Phone Number Fraud?

I’m sure we have all been on the web and where we come across a web form that asks for personal information such as our phone number, but do you always give your real phone number? Many times the user does not want to provide a real phone number and might punch in something like 614-666-2222. But, can your web form recognize this is not a real phone number? It’s formatted like a real phone …

January 18, 2013
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