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Email Auto Correct

We are proud to announce we have launched a new feature called Email Auto Correct. There are many cases where users quickly type in their email address for example and we would generally mark this as an invalid email ID because the customer made a typo when entering the domain. Clearly in this example the user would have intended to type, but dropped the letter “h”. Now you will have the ability to …

May 14, 2013
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The latest on Premium Data

Check out our PR on Premium Data. This is a recent new service that we launched at XVerify to help you learn more about your end users. We can now look up additional key information such as the users zip code, gender, marital status, presence of kids, and much more. So how does this help you? For example lets say you are a mortgage company, and a user on your website only provides you with …

May 02, 2013
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