Monthly Archives: January 2014

How Fast Is The Verification?

Many of our potential clients ask how fast their data will be verified. It tends to be a bit of a tricky question, because different circumstances mean different response times. I’m going to try to go ahead and break it down so it is a little bit more explanatory. Batch Processing First, it depends on the method of verification you choose to use. If you are going with the batch upload and your file is …

January 20, 2014
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Happy New Year

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014! From all of us here at the XVerify family, we would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year! We hope that everyone was safe while having a ton of fun ringing in 2014. Now, this is about the time that people start making their New Years’ Resolutions and coming up with a plan to keep them going longer than just a few weeks. Well, we …

January 06, 2014
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