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5 Reasons To XVerify your Emails

1. Eliminate Hard Bounces Each email address is verified at the server to ensure the username is registered and active at the domain. We have helped most of our clients achieve/maintain an acceptable hard bounce rate of less than 1% 2. Reduce Spam Complaints In order to have successful email campaigns deliver to the inbox you need to make sure your recipients are not clicking spam on your email communications. We monitor many of our …

February 24, 2014
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Prevention of Fraudulent Emails

  Email Verification doesn’t just stop at finding out whether an email address is valid or invalid. There are other, just as important factors to consider when determining if an email ID is deliverable or not. After making sure an email ID is valid, we then do an additional check to make sure it is not fraudulent or malicious. That’s where our built-in FraudGuard Protection starts to kick in. We have numerous internal suppression lists …

February 06, 2014
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