Nov 02 2011

The better the reputation your mailing IP has the more opportunities you score of landing in the inbox. If your reputation is low, email service providers such as AOL, HOTMAIL, Yahoo, and Gmail will automatically label you as spam or junk even if your users may have opted in for your mailings.


So how exactly is reputation measured?


Spam Complaints – Each time a user marks your mail as ‘spam’ this count increases which will lower your IP reputation.
Bad email addressesSending mails to email accounts that do not exists or ones marked as potential spam traps will bring you down.
VolumeInconsistent email sending can be labeled as suspicious activity, make sure if you send in large quantities you send to that many on a regular basis.
Permanencehe longer you have been using a particular IP address for mailing, the more it is known and will help you improve your reputation.
InfrastructureYour hardware/software should comply with industry standards

Just from using XVerify services you will begin to improve your deliver-ability by increasing your IP reputation as we can test email addresses that you obtain through various methods such as lists, coreg, or user signup forms. We allow you to do real time verifications or batch uploads. We will be able to report back to you if the email address actually exists, if it is a temporary email address such as those found at, or if the email id has been flagged as a potential spam trap email address. We will be able to provide you back all of these valuable details at one a penny a piece!

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