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LeadScoring – Whats Your Score?

Nov 08 2011

What’s your score?
A service that Xverify will be rolling out with soon, will enable our clients to score their leads. This will allow you to identify your high quality leads vs your low quality leads. Businesses are ready to pay top dollar for high quality leads, so check what range your users are falling into before you attempt to sell your lists.

Similar to a grading scale we will grade what the user has provided on a scale of 0 – 100%. We will be giving you eight criteria points to check against what the user has entered into your form. These eight criteria points can be set to hold certain value based on your specification.
For example if you feel that is most important for the last name to be the same as what the user entered in your form then you can set the number of points to be higher for the criteria point “last name matches.” If everything comes back as a match the results will show a 100% match. Whether it is name matching or street address matching, Xverify gives you the control of organizing your accurate information and grading your leads accordingly.
This will be a service that sends back the information via XML format and will pretty much be just as straightforward to use as the rest of our services. Intuitiveness is a key role in our developments. We want you the consumer to be able to use these programs with the least worry so you can focus more on making money.

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