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Additional Layers of Security

Jan 19 2012

Is security on your mind this year? Since it is the start of a brand new year we want to put security on the front burner, and are soon to roll out with a new service called phone confirm. When you use phone confirm it assures you that the user gave you a real reachable phone number that belongs to them.
How does phone confirm work?

Your user enters their phone number, and presses a button such as ‘call now’
Your user receives a phone call where they will be provided with a random PIN number
The user must enter this PIN number into your website to complete the process

Adding phone confirm to your site promotes an additional layer of security for real time verification, as well as decreases the amount of incoming fraud or chargebacks you may experience as a business. Don’t forget the other benefits of confirming phone numbers with Xverify. You are automating what once was an important and manual identification process; you can eliminate multiple accounts that are using the same phone number, and much more.
Whether you have a marketing business, run a social networking site, or maybe manage an online store then phone confirm would be of high level importance to you.

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