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A lesson on lead scoring

May 01 2012

Sometimes it is necessary to know more information about your end user, and if you are collecting several key pieces of information you want to make sure you are getting quality data. With leadscoring we are able to find out additional details about your user and then cross reference that data with the information the customer put into your web form to create a unique score.

Based on the scoring criteria you setup in your admin settings your returned results will be unique. Lead scoring is also important to businesses who resell leads, it allows them to attach a price value with each lead they sell. So they can measure the high quality data from the low quality data,meaning most or all data the customer provided was matching would result in a high score, and the low quality data would result in lower scores. We even do a check against where the user is located and their IP location! To get a free demo or learn more call Xverify today at 1-866-903-9164.

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