Concerned about Phone Number Fraud?

Jan 18 2013

I’m sure we have all been on the web and where we come across a web form that asks for personal information such as our phone number, but do you always give your real phone number? Many times the user does not want to provide a real phone number and might punch in something like 614-666-2222. But, can your web form recognize this is not a real phone number? It’s formatted like a real phone number, it has a Columbus Ohio area code, but in reality, it is not a registered phone number.
phone conversation
XVerify helps you overcome this common problem by running a super fast check to find out if it is a real phone number. If it is not we can throw up an error message as your user is still in the process of completing your web form which requests them to provide an accurate email address. Thus ensuring you are getting good contact credentials.

Perhaps you are an e-commerce website, and concerned about fraud. Maybe you want to set up your system so that online purchases over a specific dollar amount should have a higher level of verification. At XVerify we can also do phone confirm. This is a service where it ensures that your user actually has access to the phone number they provided. In this case what happens is after the user enters their phone number and clicks a “verify” button we actually send through an automated phone call and provide them with a unique PIN number. They would then enter that PIN number into your website to confirm they successfully received a phone call. Now, you have peace of mind that you will be able to gain access to that customer through the phone number they provided. On the up-side, you also have the ability to upload your own custom voice greeting that your user will hear when they receive the phone call.

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