Tips to make sure your emails get read!

Jan 28 2013

typing on computer
After you have already cleaned your list through XVerify, and are ready to get down to business with sending out your E-mail campaign remember these important steps to email delivery success.
1. Sometimes a BOLD subject line is required.
Many busy individuals only have a few moments to skim and scan through their inbox, and are likely to delete or skip over the ones that are not of their interest. Be bold and grab your users attention with catchy subject lines such as “I need your opinion”, “Read and Reply”, “Waiting for your Response”

2. Your FROM field.
If you are sending a mass-marketing campaign make sure you are clearly indicating the name of your brand/company. A customer will feel there is more trust if they recognize your brand. In some cases it is acceptable to use the FROM field as a person’s full name, but this works best when you are sending to a small segment. We advise it is best to avoid this practice however because it may cause you to get pushed into the SPAM filter.

3. Safe Senders List
If you are running a website, it’s a great practice to constantly remind your users to white-list your email address. This way you can guarantee you will be hitting their inbox rather than their spam folder.

4. Send Regularly
Send email communications to your list regularly, but don’t go overboard. The more a recipient sees messages from your brand then it may spark their interest to actually open a mail before your fourth attempt. If you send your emails too frequently you run the risk of users unsubscribing from your list, or marking your message as a spam. If users flag too many messages as spam it can negatively impact your ability to reach the inbox.

5. Timing is also important
If you are sending an email newsletter out to your customers timing can be crucial. It is advised to mail in the early mornings because many internet users check their personal accounts before they head out the door to go to work. Statistics have shown that most emails are opened outside of standard business operating hours, and opens tend to be at the highest on Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

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