US and Canadian Address Verification

Mar 13 2013

Ready to validate postal addresses? XVerify can validate any address within the US and CAN to make sure it is a valid deliverable address by the United States/CAN postal service. These look ups are done in milliseconds which means super-fast response times so we can prompt your user if they provided an inaccurate address.
The benefit to your company is that you will be able to reduce money on wasted postage. If you are currently not pre-proofing addresses and just printing out correspondence to mail you will likely get a lot of returned mail. Not to mention the expense of printing additional materials and overhead costs.
One of the advantages XVerify’s address verification brings to the table is the ability to autocorrect information on the fly. We understand that when a user is filling out your lead gen form it can be a lot of information and the user just wants to go through it quickly and frequently makes mistakes. If the user types Dr. instead of St. we will be able to auto correct this so you are getting the most accurate information the first. We are also capable of correcting minor misspellings as well.
In addition to having typos occur we also have found many end users who live in apartment buildings but forget to provide their unit number details. In this case we can let you know if the user has left off this additional piece of important information so that you can decide how you want to allow the user to proceed when you use our API.
In fact our system is so intuitive that we can update addresses to where the mail should be delivered. For example a customer may live in a condo building but all the mail gets delivered to a main mail box. We would be able to update the address to the main mailbox along with the condo’s unit number to ensure the postman gets it to the right place for sorting.
We have recently made additional improvements to our system which allows for POBOX numbers to be validated. Perhaps there could be some reason why you don’t want to accept POBOX’s and you can configure that directly in your dashboard.
Overall address verification keeps you in communication with your customers. Know you are collecting the right postal addresses the first time when you implement XVerify.

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