Benefit of IP knowledge

Aug 30 2011

Location based offers have proven to be more effective than non-location based advertising. That means efficiency and more profit for your company.


xVerify allows you to check to see where a user lives by tracking his IP address without the need for GPS. Geographical targeting can be beneficial to your business.


The great thing about having a customer’s IP address is you know their location and are better able to tailor to customer needs.


With xVerify you can pinpoint your customers’ and potential customers’ locations, allowing you to send out more promotions to a specific target area.


With xVerify you have the ability to block specific users.  The system keeps out fraud and spam emails, but if you know there are certain addresses you want blocked right away you have the ability to, so you don’t have to pay for verification of leads you specify as false. It also allows you to block entire domains.

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