Spammers NOT Welcome

Apr 23 2013

As we are in the business of email verification it is important for us to be selective about who we do business with. We support the bigger picture and want to help with eliminating spam not aiding it. We only work with clients who produce their own data, not clients who acquire lists from data brokers. Quality data comes from OPT in data, and this is where you will find the most valuable and highest performing data.

Our goal is to help our clients business grow by following e-mail marketing best practices and helping prevent end user typographical errors. We strongly suggest that our clients implement our services in real time so they are protected before the bogus data even hits their database, however we do also provide batch upload services for those that are less technically capable. We have turned away a lot of business from clients who said they only have data which was purchased data.

We take a lot of steps to ensure you are getting clean, quality data if you acquiring leads in real time. One of the advantages that XVerify offers is that we have a huge list of complainers that we help our clients identify. This is going to significantly help you reduce your complaint rate on your email campaigns.  This information is very useful so that you can choose to omit these users from your mailing list or choose to treat them as extra sensitive clients and email to them on a much less frequent basis. At the end of the day XVerify is proven to aid you with improving your senders score/IP reputation for better email campaign delivery. Using XVerify in coordination with email marketing best practices is the real recipe for success.

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