How Fast Is The Verification?

Jan 20 2014

Many of our potential clients ask how fast their data will be verified. It tends to be a bit of a tricky question, because different circumstances mean different response times. I’m going to try to go ahead and break it down so it is a little bit more explanatory.

Batch Processing
First, it depends on the method of verification you choose to use. If you are going with the batch upload and your file is relatively small such as under 10,000 records our servers will pick the file up automatically to begin the processing. If your file is larger sometimes it may need to wait for an administrators approval, especially if you are a newer customer with us.

We usually estimate a wait time of less than 20 minutes to get your file back if it was approximately 10,000 records assuming you did not have to wait in queue for your file to start. We have several batch servers which pick up files in the order they were received, and 90% of the time you will not be forced to wait in a queue until your file starts. If your file is much larger such as 100,000 records your expected turnaround time can average between 3 – 4 hours assuming that the file mostly consists of consumer data. We have found that b2b data takes longer to verify as we have to make a lot of connection requests to each and every different domain and some of the business email servers do not handle requests in a timely manner which may result in a higher amount of unknowns.

With our API, majority of our response times are going to come back to you in milliseconds. Especially if you are validating the common domains such as Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc. However, there are some situations where verification’s can take longer than the average response times. It could be that those email servers are very busy and not responding to our verification request. If this is the case our max cut off time is 7 seconds, if it is going to take longer than that we will report the response as “unknown”. Don’t worry unknowns occur as a relatively small percentage of your data, and when they do you do not get billed for those transactions.

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