Prevention of Fraudulent Emails

Feb 06 2014


Email Verification doesn’t just stop at finding out whether an email address is valid or invalid. There are other, just as important factors to consider when determining if an email ID is deliverable or not. After making sure an email ID is valid, we then do an additional check to make sure it is not fraudulent or malicious. That’s where our built-in FraudGuard Protection starts to kick in. We have numerous internal suppression lists that we do checks on to make sure an email ID isn’t a temporary/disposable, a high risk, or a complainer.

A Disposable (or Temporary) ID are email IDs that are only valid for a certain amount of time, ie 10 minutes, and after that time is up it becomes invalid. So if you tried to email to that user, the email you send them will come back as a hard bounce because that ID doesn’t exist anymore which will ultimately hurt your IP reputation/sender score. If that score gets too low, you won’t be able to land in the inbox anymore, and everything will go straight to the users Spam folder.

High Risk IDs are email addresses that are contain known litigators, attorneys, any toxic email addresses, or any ID that is associated with any type of fraud. For example, an email ID that might be associated with known Credit Card fraud would be categorized here. These are email IDs that you want no business with and will do nothing but hurt your IP reputation and sender score.

Complainer’s, or Screamers, are people who are known to constantly hit the Spam button on emails they receive. We monitor 28 different companies feedback loop list and if an ID comes up on 7 or more of those lists, we label them as a complainer. We do this because the more times your emails get flagged as Spam, the more you will find yourself not hitting the Inbox and landing in the Spam folder instead.

By being able to rid your database of these types of email IDs, in addition to invalid addresses as well, we are providing you the cleanest, most comprehensive results out there. Don’t believe us? Try us out for yourself with a free trial account and witness the XVerify difference firsthand!

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