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Going Postal!

Oct 12 2011

Doing direct mail to make a sale? At XVerify we understand the costliness of direct mail advertising. Stop seeing so many return to senders come back for an invalid address. You have printing, and postage expenses that add up fast.  So why waste money on attempting to send mail to non existent addresses?

We are able to verify if the address exists upon point of entry into your web form, if there is something wrong with the address we will provide a notification to your end user so they they know what correction to make.
From having experience in the direct mailing industry we are able to apply our knowledge to offer our clients customized settings. We are aware that mis-spellings and typos frequently occur when entering an address and have a built in functionality to auto correct these issues. In cases such as putting “Rd” when it should have been “Dr” our system will auto correct this for the user, so that when you do your mailings the information that you have is more accurate.

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