How does Email Address Verification improve your Email Marketing?

Nov 10 2016

Email marketing is all about reaching your recipients. What is the point of sending off emails if they are never going to see them? What I mean by this is you don’t want your emails getting stuck in your subscribers spam folder. This is why it is important to follow best practices and regularly monitor your sender score.

One of the most important factors to getting good email deliverability is having good data quality. This is why it is necessary to perform email address verification. The problem is many marketers feel like they will capture the data, and what hard bounces they will get rid of. However, each hard bounce is a stab to your sender score.

Let’s take a minute and talk about your sender score.

Think of it as a rating scale to rate your credibility from 0 – 100.


The following factors go into determining your Senderscore.

1. Blacklists –If you are not following good practices with your email marketing you can become listed on a black list which can cause your email campaign to hit spam folders or get blocked completely.

2. Spam Complaints – Whenever a user marks your email campaign as spam this is considered a spam complaint and has a negative impact on your reputation.

3. Traps – Traps are email addresses that never truly opted in to your marketing funnel, and yet you are emailing them. Traps are a real big red flag to your reputation because it shows you are not following data quality best practices.

4. Hard Bounces – Hard bounces happen because you have collected email addresses that are fictitious. Maybe the user accidently made a typo or perhaps they gave you a fake email account on purpose. Hard bounces take a negative hit against your senderscore but can be eliminated when using email address verification.

5. Engagement Rate – This is one of the positive impactors of your senderscore. You want to have a good engagement rate, you need your users to open your emails on a regular basis and click links inside. The better your open/click rate the better your reputation.

6. Whitelisting – Whenever a user whitelists your email addresses, this goes toward improving your sender score. Asking your users to whitelist you during the sign up process is a best practice.

Email Address Verification can Save Your Sender Score.

Email address verification can be a life saver to your sender score by checking the quality of the data in real time. Check out the above screen shot of email verification in action on a registration form. The user attempts to enter their email address and made a typo. Instantly the user is shown an error message. This also prevents the user from clicking the ‘submit’ button on the form.

If the user cannot ‘submit’ the lead then, the harmful data cannot enter your marketing funnel. Most of the time bad data gets entered accidently through typos. On average most companies find between 15-18% of their incoming data is invalid. When we alert the user we call this our ‘alert and convert’ method, because if the user realizes they made a mistake they will fix it.

Our email address verification solution can also detect and correct typos. It is common that we find misspellings of major domain names such as Yahooo or Gnail. We are able to correct these mistakes on the fly by prompting the user with something like “did you mean”

Safeguard your incoming data by adding a layer of security on your website and adding email address verification to your webform. Prevent hard bounces, reduce spam complaints, and minimize fraud in a single verification process. Interested in putting email verification to the test?

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