Email Cleaning Tools Can Enhance Your Email Engagement Rates

Dec 12 2016


What was the open rate of your last email campaign? If it was embarrassingly low, then there are some changes you need to make before you deploy your next campaign. Hard bounces, spam complaints, and unsubscribe requests damage your ability to effectively reach your recipients inbox. We recommend you start with your data quality and doing some email cleaning.

What is email cleaning?

Email cleaning, otherwise known as email verification is a process of checking your list to identify which email addresses should stay and which ones should be removed. So, just how does XVerify know the difference? We actually check each unique email address to identify if the account is really an active mailbox at the domain. We never send out an email to verify.

Responses typically return in milliseconds and the accuracy rate is 98%. While, most email addresses might get returned as invalid because the username is not a real account. However, there are other red flags that we look for during the email cleaning process. Temporary email addresses, high risk accounts, and spam complainers are part of our standard verification process.

Temporary email accounts are those that last less than 48 hours. We have them on a suppression list because we know they are going to hard bounce later. High risk email addresses are accounts that have been linked to online-fraud and chargebacks. Spam complainers do damage to your sender reputation each time they flag your email as ‘spam’. Our goal is to make sure you only mail to the best email accounts possible after email cleaning.


What to expect when you clean your list

Using our email cleaning tools to clean your list is simple. All you need to do is upload a file to us in a CSV format. Depending on the size of your file it might take anywhere from a matter of minutes to a few hours to complete your results. When we return the files back to you, the file will contain all of the records you uploaded but we will add a few more columns of data to help you interpret your results.

One of the important columns to look at will be the ‘status’ column. This one is going to tell you if the email address is valid, invalid or unknown. We recommend that you only mail to the valid accounts. We will also have a ‘reason’ column letting you know why we marked the email address as invalid. As we mentioned earlier in most cases you will find it is because the user does not exist, however we will identify other issues such as a spam complainer or identify if it is a high risk user account.

On average most companies who work with us for email cleaning find that 15-18% of the data they have comes back as invalid. Simply remove the invalids from the list and only import the valid accounts back into your ESP.

Remove your un-engaged users

Do you have users on your email list who may still have valid email accounts, but have not been opening any of your emails in the past few months? It is best to get these users off your list. Remember what you want is list quality, not list quantity. Although, using our email cleaning services helps you identify inactive/stale accounts there will still be recipients on your list who don’t engage with your brand.

Think about it this way, many ESPs charge you per number of subscribers. Once you clean your list with XVerify, then remove your un-engaged subscribers you might be able to save some money on your monthly bill with your email platform.

Another tip before you remove the un-engaged subscribers from your list is to send off a re-engagement campaign. Try to send content that will get the user interested enough to come back to you. It is also a good idea that you use a subject line like “We Miss You” or “We Want You to Participate Again” or maybe just send them a coupon if you are selling something.

Watch your open rate skyrocket

After you have completed your email cleaning, sent off your re-engagement campaign, and kicked out users who have not been opening your emails it’s time to create your next email campaign. But, this time it is going to be different. Your open rate will no longer be embarrassing. It will be something you are proud of.

Now, it is up to you to start taking action on cleaning up your data. We would be happy to help you get started with a free email list assessment. We can run through a segment of your data so that you can get a ball park of what percentage of your list is valid so you can continue with doing email cleaning across your entire database. Simply fill out the form below to get started.

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