Email Hygiene – What to Look for When Selecting a Vendor

Nov 28 2016


Email marketing is not a ‘thing of the past’. Email marketing is actually growing, but the technology is becoming more intelligent. This means that garbage is not tolerated in the user’s inbox. Digital marketers need to step up their game and gain more credibility now than ever before.

Spam detection is on point, and if you are not following email marketing best practices you will never deliver to the recipient’s inbox. Skipping one important step such as email hygiene can make or break your campaign. This is because your sender reputation is highly weighted by the quality of your data.

Each time you get a hard bounce, spam complaint, or encounter a high risk email address your sender score plummets. When you utilize email hygiene it will help you eliminate problematic email addresses from your list. This way you only import clean and valid records into your email platform. The goal is to only mail to quality data.


Not ALL Email Hygiene Solutions Are Equal

It’s great that you now realize data quality and email hygiene are important but pump the brakes before you get started. Not all email hygiene solutions are created equal. Some companies will tell you they will take you through a data cleansing process but you have to look further, do some research, and really understand what they mean.

Remember, the common sense rule of thumb. If the cost of email hygiene is low then it could be the case of “too good to be true.” There are many data cleansing providers out there who will just bump your data against a database of hard bounces they maintain. That really will not do you any good because there is no chance that they have recently mailed all the same subscribers you have in your list.

You need the most accurate and to date results as possible if you want your campaigns to be successful long term. Your reputation is on the line, and if you actually want your message to get opens and clicks from your subscriber choosing the right verification vendor is a critical decision.

Here is what we do at XVerify to clean up your data:
Mailbox Validation: This is where we do a real time email hygiene to make sure the user name is a real and active account with the domain. This is proven to eliminate your hard bounces to help your sender score.
Spam Complainer Suppression: We help you identify email addresses that are likely to generate spam complaints. These are not your typical occasional complainers, but people who don’t understand the unsubscribe process and regularly opt out of email communications from businesses by hitting the spam button in their inbox. We don’t want you to get dinged on your reputation so instead we give you a heads up.
Temporary Email Detection: Temporary email addresses are accounts that are good today, and gone tomorrow. These email addresses are widely used by fraudsters and you should steer clear of them.
High Risk Email Addresses: High risk email accounts are typically flagged to online fraudsters, known litigators, simply hazardous accounts. If we flag anything for you in the high risk category we recommend you never email to those accounts.
Catch All Detection: If you have B2B data this is going to be an important one for you. Approx. 30% of business domains are configured as catch all email servers. This means that the email account may or may not be actually registered. If the email account does belong to a registered user then your message will go to them, but if the user name is not created your message will just sit in a general folder that only the server admin has access to.

Xverify’s accuracy rate on email hygiene is the best when compared to other vendors. Skeptical? We want to prove it to you. This is why we are offering our FREE list assessment. We want you to be the judge of the performance. Our team will happily analyze your data and send you back the results. Submit a request below for your email hygiene list assessment.

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