Perfecting Your Email Campaign Content

Oct 28 2015

Capture the consumer’s attention by first starting out with a solid subject line. Consider a few of these creative thinkers then come up with something that suits your customer’s needs.

Subject line examples –
Eater Boston: “Where to Drink Beer Right Now”
AddThis: “10 Engagement Tips to Gobble Over Thanksgiving”
REI: “Coming Soon: SNOW! See REI’s new winter gear now.”
Finish Line: “Selling Your Sole Can Be A Good Thing!”

What is the goal of your email?
Once you get a good subject line that works, then you need to focus on the goal of your campaign. You have to know what you want the user to do before you build out your body content. Define your email’s objective! Is the goal for your readers to hear some updates of the company, or do you want to showcase some new products/services? Once you have your objective in mind, it is time to execute.

Size of Content
Did you know that you should build your email around the frequency that you plan to send? If you plan to send very frequently your emails should be short and sweet. If you plan to mail less than twice a week, your emails can be more lengthy. Either way, it is recommended to keep your overall word count to less than 750 words.

For example, If you are planning to just occasionally send out an email newsletter, you will want to include your most recent information, and make the body of the content longer in length. But, if you are sending a new promotion to your subscribers on a daily basis you might just want to do a new product showcase feature the price, and a buy now button. It is proven that a lot of content on a frequent basis will cause your subscriber to lose interest and potentially mark your messages as spam.

Get Creative with Content & Format
Here are a few thoughts on how to jazz up your content.
• Seasonal content sells – create custom email campaigns around all the holidays it is a guaranteed way to boost your open rates. Send special Birthday mails too!
• You can also play with the font formatting to guide users eyes in the right direction to the call to action. (bold, sizes, syles, colors, italics)
• Text Blocks – create various text blocks to break up your content in a more easy to read format.

One Size Fits All Devices

This is where things tend to go wrong. Make sure that when you put together your email template it is going to work across multiple devices. Test, Test, Test to make sure your content is readable on desktop, smartphones, and tablets. Make sure it is displaying appropriately across the most popular browser types, and did I mention you need to test? Test, Test, Test.

Use these tips when you go to build out your next email campaign and then track it’s performance. Let’s discuss how you did. Do you have any other tips, or suggestions we could add to this list? Feel free to SHARE.

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